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del libro "The Bells of Nagasaki, por Takashi Nagai

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Let me pause here to make the observation that there is authentic an unauthentic religion


During the Second World War there was plenty of religion around, just as there was plenty of religion in the Crusades  and other holy wars. But was that religion authentic? I would like at this point to relate one significant religious fact.


Before the Enola Gay set out for Hiroshima with its murderous “Little boy” and before


Bock’s car set out for Nagasaki with its cruel “Fat Man” the military chaplain prayed over


 the crews.


Listen to this prayer.



“Almighty God Father of praise, we pray you, let out grace come down upon the men who will fight in this night. Guard and protect those of us who will venture forth into the darkness of your heaven. Lead them on your wings. Guard their bodies and their souls and bring them back to us. Give us all courage and strength for the hours that lie before us.


and reward us according to the hardships they will bring. But above all, my Father give your World peace. Let us go our way trusting in you and secure in the knowledge that you are near


to us now and for all eternity”. Amen.


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